web services Difference between frontend, backend, and middleware in web development

The back end is very crucial as it gives purpose or functionality to the beauty of an app or website. As for frontend development, you can expect more focus on design, styling, and coding challenges to generate versatile, visually appealing interfaces for users. You’ll find similar trends for backend developer job titles, except they usually have some reference to the backend, engineering, or the specific type of programming languages used. Frameworks provide a foundation, like a template, for developers to rapidly create websites and web apps.

difference between frontend and backend developer

They can understand frontend development because of their familiarity with visual components. Backend development feels and looks like gibberish languages, boring databases, and magical processes that no one else understands but the developer. Backend developers https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-frontend-developer-react-typescript/ tend to earn a bit more than frontend developers, but ultimately, both get paid very well. According to Indeed, frontend developers currently earn an average of $108,857 annually while backend developers earn an average base salary of $125,133.


Overall, it depends on your skills, the complexity of the specific job, and how rapidly you grow with a company. In addition, working in some locations should render a higher/lower salary based on variable living costs. We’ve explained that each type of development takes a specific range of skills, implying that the work that goes into the jobs also varies. A rule of thumb is that the client-side (or “frontend”) is any component manipulated by the user. The server-side (or “backend”) code usually resides on the server, often far removed physically from the user.

These beautiful things are called websites, and building them up is known as web development. The term web development starts to sound familiar because it has been one of the most trending skills to acquire for every person in the IT field. To be a great one, you will need to master numerous libraries and frameworks. It will take you a long time to know enough to contribute to advanced projects.


According to Salary.com, the average front end developer salary in the US is around $119,200 and ranges anywhere from $95,700-$140,000. Their average salary is $144,200 in New York, $149,400 in San Francisco, and $130,400 in Seattle. Hopefully, now you have more insight into what frontend and backend development entails and can tell the differences between the two. Interacting with databases is a big part of a backend developer’s job, so knowledge of databases is paramount. The main focus of a backend developer’s work is to create and maintain services and programs that help the front end function. When you submit a “contact us” form, for example, you expect your data, contact information and request to be stored and directed to the right person so the company will receive your request.

Back-end developers make it possible for the front end to function by providing data storage and power. As a back-end developer, you build, test, maintain and, debug the technology that makes the software or website function. Front-end developers’ work straddles both the creative side of web development and its more technical aspects. To succeed in this specialization, you need soft skills such as a strong visual sense. You also need to know how to code with programming staples like CSS and JavaScript. Front-end development is the programming of all visible elements to visitors/users of websites and web applications.

How I Went From Youth Support Worker to Web Designer in 8 Months

The database type choice will determine which database system your project is going to use and even the programming language the whole project will be coded in. With that said, Company X’s skateboard shop design’s extremely fancy-schmancy, it will require a lot of custom scripts to make it all work properly. As an experienced front end developer, you should take care to save your valuable time and use libraries like React.js and frameworks like Angular.js when appropriate. Libraries and frameworks are a crutch, which only makes newbies stronger codes while turning strong developers into speed demons. With that said, you should create everything from scratch before making it easier for yourself with libraries and frameworks, at least while you’re still learning. These libraries and frameworks are a crutch that stops you from learning how to twist JavaScript into doing what you want.

difference between frontend and backend developer

This includes querying databases for information and processing any logic that your web application requires. On each request to the server, the backend would perform the full stack of the operations, including rendering out the front end. There are a whole variety of programming languages used on the back end. Here at Codecademy, we teach back-end development primarily in JavaScript, Python, and C#. When you’re starting out, we recommend focusing on JavaScript, as having a single language for front end and back end makes for an easier path towards strong full stack development. Back-end development dictates how programs function by creating hidden processes that run behind the scenes.

What is frontend development:

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  • Consider Meta’s Professional Certificates for front-end developer or back-end developer.
  • JavaScript is a programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.
  • When choosing the right frontend language, developers start with what they know, then opt for specific frameworks and languages that fit the desired result.
  • It refers to everything going on underneath the hood and all the necessary components that make the front-end function properly and smoothly.
  • JavaScript is used to add animations, transitions, and functions to on-screen elements.

The complexity of managing the back-end stack has grown exponentially over the past decade. The emergence of technologies like containers, Kubernetes, NoSQL, full-text search engines and service meshes have completely changed the way applications share and consume data. Additionally, open source tooling — such as Prometheus, Istio, Jaeger, Helm and Spinnaker– has changed the face of back-end development tools. The biggest shift in front-end development over the past decade has been the explosion of mobile applications and smart devices.

Job duties

These professionals create a site’s operations, databases, and application programming interface (API). Front-end developers ensure that visitors can easily interact with and navigate sites by using programming languages, design skills, and other tools. Backend or Backend development is like behind the scenes of a movie or show or in our case, the frontend.

difference between frontend and backend developer

People who work in backend development need to be skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so they can effectively collaborate with front-end developers. To work on the server-side, they need to have a solid understanding of higher-level programming languages such as Java or Ruby. They also may work with databases so having knowledge of MySQL or PostgreSQL can also be helpful. Now it’s common to see javascript-heavy websites and apps built using UI frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.


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