Wooden Soap Holder


The soap holder has been designed so that your hand made soap is elevated and kept dry, allowing airflow all around the soap bar between uses.
When soap sits in water or in an area where it cannot dry properly it turns to mush and starts dissolving.
Soap holders help with the draining process, making your soap last longer and dressing up your bathroom at the same time!

The design makes it easy to clean, and is sealed with natural oil making it chemical free and eco friendly. It is a great alternative to plastic.

To avoid soap build up we recommend cleaning soap holders regularly, and drying them in direct sunlight every 2 weeks.
This will extend the life of the soap holder and avoid mould growth. To help keep moisture out of the wood, and help restore it to its natural colour, you can lightly spray the holder with olive oil (or any cooking oil) spray once a month.

Measurements: 100mm (L) x 89mm (W) 19mm (H)

Soap holders may vary slightly in design as they are hand made by L’ada Soaps & Scents.



Never place your soap holder in the dishwasher or submerge in water as the wood will absorb the water.


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