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This A5 Journal has been designed with the intention of helping you create a positive mindset, set your goals and intentions and overall well-being space, for you to take time to relax and stay organised with everyday life.

This unique journal has been designed with the intention of helping you create a positive mindset, set your goals and intentions and dedicated space all about YOU. Take your time, enjoy your journey with your favourite beverage (mine is tea) and relax while staying organised with everyday life.

Inside, there are 12 monthly self-check-in pages for you to record your wellbeing and reflect on your progress across the year, along with plenty of activities to help you keep on top of monthly goals, appointments, monthly expenses and more! Of Course, there is self-reflection and time out for you to plan your goals too.

To give this journal a unique style throughout, I have included my personal photography images from all of my adventures around Australia It includes quotes that my Grandma and I have shared together over the years, which anyone can relate to and, the pages are undated.

Looking for a journal that can help you stay organized, focused and relaxed in your day-to-day life? Look no further than our unique and beautifully designed journal!

Our journal has been carefully crafted with your well-being in mind. With its positive, goal-oriented mindset, it provides a dedicated space for you to reflect on your progress, set new goals, and create a more positive, relaxed and fulfilling life. Whether you’re looking to track your daily activities, set monthly goals, or just take a few moments each day to reflect on your thoughts and feelings, our journal is the perfect companion.

One of the most unique features of our journal is its beautiful, one-of-a-kind design. Each page is adorned with stunning photography images from our founder’s travels across Australia, providing a sense of calm and relaxation throughout. In addition, we’ve included some of our favorite quotes, inspired by our founder’s grandmother, that are sure to resonate with anyone looking to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

But that’s not all – our journal also includes 12 monthly self-check-in pages, where you can record your wellbeing and reflect on your progress over the course of the year. Plus, we’ve included plenty of activities to help you stay on top of your monthly goals, appointments, expenses and more. And since the pages are undated, you can start your journey towards a more positive, organized life whenever you’re ready.

So why wait? Treat yourself to our unique and beautifully designed journal today, and start creating the positive, organized and fulfilling life you deserve!

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6 reviews for Self Care Journal

  1. Sinead Bradshaw

    Tash has definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. This journal has everything you need for tracking your goals, organising yourself and taking care of yourself. Not only is it well laid out, but the photography adds a personal touch and creates a different experience to other journals i have used in the past. I LOVE IT!

  2. Alex

    I’ve have received a journal and a candle from this lovely lady. The journal is amazing as an all rounder, it has some really handy sections like Christmas lists that you can start putting together through the year so when it comes to December you are all sorted and know what you are getting, another example is the section for keeping your mental health in check which is so important and it really helps to jot your feelings down. The photos that Natasha had put in the journal are all her own doing so it adds a really lovely personal touch.

    The candle smelt so amazing and had. A strong scent all the way down the wax which you don’t get with slot of store bought ones as the smell runs out very quick. It had my whole house smelling Devine.

    The package was delivered in such lovely wrapping and was very well protected, it came all the way from Australia to the U.K. & was fully intact and protected. 100% worth the money.

    Thank you Natasha I wish you all the best for the future with your business, I will defo be purchasing again xxx

  3. Louise

    I brought this journal for a friend who works in the corporate world and struggles to keep up to date with her client meetings and general “life admin.” What caught my eye to this journal was how well laid out it is and that it isn’t over complicated with things you wouldn’t need. The designer has really thought about exactly what a person would need throughout 12 months and you get a real sense of this is what a month to month really should look like after the last few years we have all gone through. She has put those thoughts all together  and come up with this really lovely and unique journal that looks amazing! Thank you 🙂

  4. Charlotte

    This Journal is amazing for organising your daily life, setting positive intentions and reframing your mindset. It offers practical solutions to handling daily tasks coupled with beautiful photographs taken by the designer herself, that really immerse you in nature and gives a sense that getting what you want from life, really is possible!

  5. Jenn

    This journal has really helped guide me in understanding my intentions for the year ahead and staying on track to achieve them. It’s been a while since i had a journal and it’s now my favourite thing to do on a sunday while i have my morning coffee. Something that is quite unique to this one is the photography, which is absolutely stunning and a constant reminder to get outdoors and enjoy it! Thank you Tash for this wonderful book!

  6. Bry

    I LOVE this journal. It is so different to what you would find in many retail stores. It is layout beautifully and gives you a real sense of a self journey shared. I really like that the journal has space to stay organised but also to remind you how important it is to self check in through 12 months. I love that she has presented self care activities that anyone can do and that there are uplifting quotes throughout the book to keep you in the right mindset. I really like the idea of having all your appointments in 1 place and then having the budget tracker to manage where you are each month. Overall, a lot of thought has gone in to the needs of people that would buy this journal and being full of pictures from around Australia is a extra special touch. Thank you Tash!

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